Written in the stars

Fate is sometimes attributed to the alignment of planets, much like tides – their inevitable ebb and flow determined by the gravitational pull of sun and moon. In May 2016, local friends and family aligned in the right place at the right time to bring you a rare over-water dining destination. To bring you Tide on the Jetty.

We’d like to think our destiny aligns closely with that of William Gunn, namesake for Manly’s jetty. A government servant for 22 years, William was deeply committed to the area. A WWI veteran, he was instrumental in founding what is today known as the Manly-Lota RSL. This adds special meaning to our support for them, and our local community in which we’re deeply embedded through philanthropy, employment and mentorship.

The tides of time have ebbed and flowed since we first welcomed guests five years ago and we haven’t looked back. We’re here to stay. We’re here to leave our mark on Manly’s history. Together with our second destination venue, The Arsonist, we are committed to developing the Bayside’s burgeoning reputation as a must-do destination for the discerning foodie seeking dining experiences worth savouring.

Meanwhile, the jetty has served Manly for over 100 years and was renamed the William Gunn Jetty following a 1961 refurbishment. Such longevity is born of commitment and service. That’s why we’re here for the long haul. To honour our friends and family who believed in a dream birthed in excellence. To continue to evolve Tide as a must-do venue. To emulate audacious intrepids like William Gunn. To push boundaries in our support of Manly as a fine food destination.

To that end, our venues will continue to offer affordable yet outstanding dining experiences. Our produce will remain fresh, our suppliers local and our practices evolvingly mindful, ethical and sustainable.

We’re honoured you’ve gravitated to Tide on the Jetty today.

Welcome to our community.